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I've worked in big agencies and small. I've owned my own nationally-recognized agency. 


I've worked with national clients you've heard of and others I've helped grow into powerhouses in their category. No matter the size, I consider each one equally important. 

       Kevin's thoroughness in understanding our business is part of his competitive advantage. He and his team worked strategically and creatively to reposition our corporate brand image, taking us to a new level and mirroring the success of our business.

Claire McCall, Director of Corporate Relations, Genesco 

My work has been written about in Advertising AgeAdweekCommunication ArtsLürzer's ArchiveShoot and other magazines. And I've received awards by The One Show, Communication Arts, New York Art Directors Club, Advertising AgePrint's Regional Design Annual, Show South and at every level of the Addys. My former agency, Endres + Wilson, was selected as one of the Top Six Regional Agencies in America.

Category Experience

Healthcare - Hospitals and systems of every size, including Academic Medical  Centers and healthcare  businesses.
Health Insurance - Employer-sponsored to ACA-compliant, Medicare and more.
Corporate Shows - I've developed concepts, applied it to every area of the show. Developed showflows, worked with  presenters, the whole thing.

Consumer Tires - Manufacturing to distribution to retail. I know the forces changing everything in this  category.
Start-ups - I know the obstacles standing in the way of a startup and how to get around them.
Quick Service Restaurants - Everything from Local Store Marketing programs to building brand.
Financial - Community banks ($1 billion) to Super Regionals to investment products.
Multi-unit Retail - I know that what's advertised on Thursday better be sold by Monday.
Sporting Goods - I'm familiar with things that float, shoot and are thrown. I know how to tap into the mind of the  hardcore enthusiast.
Community Branding and Tourism - I've built brands for cities, regions and tourist venues.

​•B2B - I've worked in too many business categories to list here, but I can probably learn yours.

To say I was pleased is an understatement. Kevin went above and beyond. He asked all the right questions, gaining deep insight into our product to deliver the best possible work.

Sue VanderSchans, Director of Marketing Communications for Casio America, Inc

On Being a Creative Director

I believe a great creative director is 50% Darth Vader and 50% kindergarten teacher.

The tough part in doing this job is making all the “creative direction” decisions: managing people, planning, positioning, ensuring the strategy is great, inspiring creatives, saying “Not good enough,”  killing work, selecting work, then presenting and negotiating with account managers, clients and vendors and getting the work produced.

The fun part is coming up with ideas, whether it's you, your staff—or anyone. Then, working with other smart people, and ultimately, seeing account managers, clients and the audience embrace the idea.

If you're a great agency or a client who wants smart, creative work, I'd love to work with you.

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